Experience digital


Experience digital

European 4.0 Transformation Center

Located on the RWTH Aachen Campus, with its rich network of industry and research clusters, the European 4.0 Transformation Center offers you first-hand experience with Digital Business Transformation.

e.GO Mobile AG, the new e-mobility venture based on the success of StreetScooter, and the campus-based Demonstration Factory provide a powerful display of best-in-class processes, methods and capabilities in action between the digital and the physical world.

Digital Business Transformation Architecture

Digital Business Transformation occurs in business models, products and processes along a product’s lifecycle:

  • Marketing and Portfolio Definition
  • Product Development including Concept, Design and Validation
  • Sales
  • Production and the entire Supply Chain
  • Usage by the customer
  • Service in the after-sales-stage

This is tied to digital artefacts in four layers:

  • Create, including all types of design data and documents
  • Collaborate & Control, including all data management and process management information
  • Transact, including orders, bookings and resulting reports
  • Monitoring & Optimization of connected products, equipment and processes

The Industrial Practices in the European 4.0 Transformation Center make these transformations tangible, and allow interested companies to inspire their own holistic concept and roadmap for their business models, products, process and system architectures.

Partner Network

Our 4.0 Industrial Practices put proven digitalization use case combinations from System Engineering to Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management, Customer Success Platform and Internet of Things on display.

Numerous research partners and technology vendors provide expertise and share insight into key success factors across processes and IT-systems to help you define your digital business transformation efforts towards smart, connected products and closed-loop processes.

Research institutions and international companies form a powerful team complemented with potent partners.